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It provides a cute sense of physical closeness even when you're away. 4.5/5 Rating, £1.49This lovely app keeps you and your partner emotionally close even when you're physically far.

Customers who didn't use the app can claim up to 9.

Standard Innovation said in a statement that it has also agreed to change its privacy policy and data collection practices to allow customers to use its app without supplying personally-identifiable information and to opt out of sharing anonymous data.

"Customers do not provide their name, email or phone number or other identifying information to use We-Connect," the company said in a statement emailed to PCMag.

Entire threads have been devoted to bypassing the lights - lists have been compiled of webcams which do not have lights, as well as hackers sending fake messages saying that camera software is being updated to explain the flashing.

Vicky Woollaston from Web User magazine explains: 'A hacker can sometimes get access to someone’s computer by infecting it with malware – this can include the victim clicking on an infected link, opening an infected attachment on an email, downloading a malicious file/game/software on to their computer.

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