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The one statutory exception to this rule is a mother's right to four months of unpaid maternity leave in terms of the BCEA.

This is not extended to male employees and the legislation is clear that it refers only to the actual mother of an infant.

It is approximately sixty-minutes from Durban by car — boasting some of the most spectacular beaches and varieties of vegetation and of multi-cultural communities as you drive along the coast.I’m told that much of the leadership is so blinded for self-gain that they have not actually stopped for a moment to see how a vibrant pretty boutique town is turning into a cheap derelict place.Many can disagree all they want with me, but the truth of the situation is seen by its visitors who have been to my lovely town in the years gone by as ‘the fortune seekers and gold diggers’ whom sworn an oath to protect and serve our town.In this case, a male same-sex couple who were partners in a civil union had a baby with assistance of a surrogate mother in terms of a surrogacy agreement as envisioned in the Children's Act (No. Following the birth, the child was the entire responsibility of the couple and the surrogate mother had no further involvement.In fact, she never had sight of the infant from immediately after its birth.

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