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Instead, Hall’s developed a rapport that allows her to actually become a part of their world.

It’s as if Hall is talking to a close friend rather than just a celebrity and that trait really shines through in her conversations. She’s an artist, writer and producer building content behind the scenes in her own unique way.

Controversy was generated for a time over the belief that Mc Carthy was completely against children being vaccinated, potentially linking immunization shots to the development of autism.

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As the new face of MTV, Zuri Hall is a pop culture powerhouse.With two new projects in the works for MTV as well as developing a lifestyle channel on You Tube, 2015 will be big year for Zuri Hall. I also love discovering things that they may not necessarily divulge right away.I had the pleasure of speaking with Hall about her life and career as well as some of her upcoming projects! It’s not so much about finding out secrets but more about having the person I’m interviewing feel comfortable enough to tell me more about themselves. How much behind the scenes prep work goes into an interview?But my main goal is to let it be an authentic conversation. There’s always a sense of jitters and excitement when doing an interview. From its premiere in 1998 through to its cancellation ten years later, the show concentrated on music videos at a time when MTV was being criticized for its gradual shift toward reality programming, mixing in artist interviews and breaking news, as well.

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