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There is a special place in hell for people who pray on the kindness, generosity and loneliness of others.But our investigation discovered a more sinister, temporal threat–the Islamic State and other terror groups.They are using the service to con tens of thousands of dollars from unwitting users through blackmail and sex and marriage scams, a special six-week investigation barely scratches the surface on the level of organized activity.But the probe uncovered concrete evidence that well organized groups are prowling Google’s social media site for victims. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. They might flirt with you, flatter you or send you sexy pictures. They try to get you to chat on webcam and then video you doing things you might be embarrassed about.But most users have probably already done that — a pop-up tells them to do so when they first share a picture.

Users will have to let Facebook Messenger see their pictures so that the Photo Magic tool can work.

The women, working on a commission basis from an “office,” set up false profiles, typically on internet dating sites.

They find their victims and then enter into correspondence with a lot of people simultaneously using a pre-arranged script.

Facebook is to release a new ‘Photo Magic’ tool that will scan through the pictures on its users’ cameras to tell them which photos to share.

The tool, which will be integrated with Facebook Messenger, is intended to help people find old pictures and share them with the people that are in them.

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