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In the last 18 months we have presented at over 70 different engagements and we do our best to make sure we choose our engagements wisely, on this one we chose poorly.

“That belief is a core value of the company and of which we are most proud.”Christianity Today first reported that Mycoskie and FOTF were seemingly developing a relationship where the Colorado-based pro-family group might help TOMS in its charity distribution in Africa.TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie is an evangelical Christian who attends popular Mosaic Church, led by Pastor Erwin Mc Manus, in Los Angeles.Mycoskie is not shy about talking about his Christian faith and its influence on his business-charity model. But Mycoskie, like a growing number of young evangelicals, has stayed away from culture war issues and focuses his efforts instead on battling humanitarian problems.As Toms celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it launches Alpargata 2.0, "which looks exactly the same, but it's more comfortable and more breathable".recently published a cover story on Focus on the Family's shift away from politics back towards an emphasis on the family.

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