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It was effectively an adapter (so if you hear 'R4 adapter' anywhere, this refers to the same product), with a Micro-SD slot in the back of it.

The R4 itself would act as an interface between the Nintendo DS console and the firmware on the Micro-SD card.

R4i 3DS RTS menu 1.81b (Nederlands) R4i 3DS RTS menu 1.81b (Frans) Lees de instructies op R4TTMenu OS v1.18 (Nederlands) 4 januari 2011 TTi 1.4.1 Upgrade 11 Oktober 2010 - Formateer uw Micro SD kaart en plaats de menu software - Pak de bestanden van de update uit naar de ‘root’ van de Micro SD kaart - Sluit uw DSi aan op de netstroom - Stop de Micro SD in de DSTTi kaart en start uw DSi op met de DSTTi kaart er in - Selecteer nu de DSTTi update - Lees de waarschuwingen op het scherm - Druk op X-Y tegelijk om het updaten te starten - Het hele proces duur ongeveer 15 minuten.

There are many kinds of 3DS card in the market currently. R4i Gold 3DS (r4ids.cn, works directly if it works on 3ds 6.3)R4i-SDHC 3DS (r4i-sdhc.com, works directly if working on 3DS 6.3)Supercard DSTWO (supercard.sc, runs firmware 1.25 to update)R4 Dual Core 2013/2014 (r4isdhc.com, download 7.00 firmware patch from r4isdhc.hk)R4i TT RTS 2014 (r4itt.net, 7.00 firmware patch)R4i Gold Pro 2013/2014 (r4i-gold.com, download 7.00 firmware patch from r4i-gold.me)3DSLink black card (3dslink.com, works directly)R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition black card (r4ids.cn, works directly)R4idsn 3DS (r4idsn.com) R4i-Gold 3DS card from r4TT 3DS card from n3Ace3DS card from ace3R4i Gold Plus (r4ids.com, but patch 1.24 will be available soon)R4i Gold 3DS (r4ids.cn, those failed in updating for 3ds 6.0)R4i-SDHC 3DS /V4.4/V4.5/RTS (r4i-sdhc.com, released before Jul, 2013)R4 Dual Core 2013 version(r4isdhc.com, released before 2013)R4i-SDHC V1.4.5 (r4i-sdhc.com)M3i Zero (m3adapter.com)EZFlash Vi (ezflash.cn)Acekard 2i (acekard.com)DSONEi (supercard.sc)DSTTi (ndstt.com)Gateway 3DS (gateway-3ds.com) It is hard to say which r4 card is best for 3DS/3DSXL console.

Official kernel update a little slow than the unofficial DSTT kernel. The unofficial YSMenu kernel updated to V6.49 on 2011-2-13.

The unofficial DSTT kernel - YSMenu V6.54 released on March 14th.

Most players choose them to run DS games on 3DS system, as they are good in function and compatibility.

Especially recommend the R4i 3DS gold card, it directly break 3DS V7.1.0, V6.3.0, V6.1.0 system, while many flashcard are locked by new 3DS system, and some others need to be upgraded.

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