Radgrid objectdatasource not updating

is the process of taking data or information that is expensive to obtain and storing a copy of it in a location that is quicker to access.

For data-driven applications, large and complex queries commonly consume the majority of the application s execution time. An entire web page or User Control s rendered markup can be cached through provides a rich caching API that enables page developers to programmatically cache objects.

One thing that I noticed when I was working with the code is an issue with deleting and paging.

Say for example, the Grid View has 12 rows and Page Size is set to 10.

First, I'm using an early 2.0 version of Net Tiers for the DAL (with Service Layer implementation) with custom mods to the entities as the datasource, and second, I'm doing some aggregate custom Item Templates that require custom data-binding.

As Amrinder points out, when deleting the last record from the last page of a Grid View using custom paging, the Grid View disappears, even if there are additional records in preceding pages.I have been working on a project lately that was already using the Telerik ASP. One of the new features was a fully editable web-grid, so I chose to use the existing ajax-enabled Rad Grid control to speed my development.I chose to use a 3rd party control, mostly due to time constraints since the project required a grid with inline-editing, full CRUD operations, plus custom column templates, all with heavy Ajax support to avoid postbacks and excessive page size.I have been waiting for tutorials showing how to do custom paging with the Grid View.So up until now, I have been using the old Data Grid.

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