Dating a insecure girl marriage romanian dating

Have you ever met the girl or had a friend who is drop-dead gorgeous but cannot keep a man, because of her insecurities?

In reality, our sick and twisted society has created the ultimate trap: the prettier you are, the prettier you still could be. Because when a woman looks in the mirror, she doesn't see everything you see, she sees everything she's not. The conundrum behind the beautiful, yet insecure complex stems from a few theories, but I think the most obvious is the pedestal complex. We've made it a competition rather than a camaraderie.Every time I look at a hot girl, I think about how happy she must be.It's sick and disgusting, but I figure if she's pretty, she must be happy.When my son discovers girls, the last thing I want him to do is invest his heart and mind on fool’s gold. However, teenage boys (and plenty of men) will chase flash without considering what is below the surface.Physical attraction is important, but it’s the core of a woman that makes her a lasting companion and sharpen him into a better man.

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